A good story

I had a rough evening one day this week. I’m doing something way out of my comfort zone and going to Meisner acting class (good!), but I had a pretty terrible experience with my acting partner (bad!), but having had a day to reflect, I remember one super important thing: This is going to be a *good story*–far better than if I stayed home, cozy and warm drinking hot chocolate and reading by the fire.

What makes “a good story”?

It’s when something different happens other than the daily.

When something bad happens — it’s a good story.

When something good happens — it’s a good story.

If your life is boring, go do something different than the norm. Go to a different coffee place and people watch. Walk through a different neighborhood. Take a weird class. Attend a talk on something you know nothing about.

Put down the technology.  Observe and interact.

Go create the good story.

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