Sharing with Strangers

I’ve been working people several people in our #DoTheThing group lately who are starting their side hustle. Many of them have this fear that their idea is stupid and is not really a “thing”.

One quick hack we’ve found to test this idea is to share with people who are NOT your close friends.

We have a very filtered view of ourselves and our abilities. Our closest family and friends often have a filtered view as well. They are often the ones to start asking questions like, “how are you going to do that?” or “have you thought about the issues you’ll run into around A, B, C…”

When I have an idea, I NEVER share with anyone related to me. I share with my #DoTheThing group, get some feedback, refine and THEN share with family once I have at least 5 people who think my latest scheme is legit and something that would benefit them.

At this early stage, this seed of an idea does not need to be squashed. It needs the room to grow and evolve into something that makes sense. Once you say something out loud to someone else, it becomes real. Once you hear from someone that it makes sense to them and is something they would use, that feeling is incredible.

My friend Raji got out of her comfort zone and announced her fledgling idea to a roomful of 75 strangers also looking to start businesses a few Saturdays ago.

To her surprise, 5 people raised their hands to help. This gave her the validation that yes, her idea actually had some merit AND she was not alone! She walked away with validation of her idea AND a few friends to help make it a reality.

Sharing with NOT close friends is a good test of whether your idea is crazy or not. And if people volunteer to help, please keep in mind that people don’t generally volunteer to help for things that are bad ideas.

Happy brainstorming — and if you have an idea you want to test out, I’m always here!

//The #DoTheThing group stemmed from a community of people who I co-created a book on this topic with to help people just like all of us get out of the comfort zone!

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