This Personal Growth Thing, Yo

I’m always on the quest for Personal Growth, reading and listening THE HECK out of people like Ben Hardy and friends and always doing mini-experiments.  Today though, I’ve been thinking a LOT about what Personal Growth actually means.


It’s different for everyone!


For some, it’s becoming a more reliable person. For some, it’s being more kind. For some, it’s raising their hand more to volunteer for something.

For some, it’s being able to get themselves out of their own bad mood more often.


And millions of others.


But it’s different for all of us.  WHICH IS NORMAL.  The only thing being in common is that there should be a change, a delta, progress in some way to signify “growth”.


For me, recently, Personal Growth is being kind when I think someone is behaving in (what I perceive to be) in a ludicrous way. I have to remember one important thing: they are the hero of their own story. They are doing the best they can. It may not match my expectations, but many things I do are likely not going to match theirs.


So I need to treat my Personal Growth as if I would a project.


Measure where I am honestly [Current status: VERY low patience and tolerance. Rating: 1 out of 5]

  • Benchmark where I want to be in 3 months [4 out of 5]
  • Observe people that I think do exhibit this behavior
  • Admit when I am not behaving as I should to be reach that goal
  • Figure out what I SHOULD have done differently
  • Course correct to get there.

No shame in failing once, twice, a hundred times as long as I KNOW I am making progress. Sometimes backward, but usually forward.


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