About Dona

Dona wishes she’d been born as a cat so she could have had 9 nine lives. Failing that, she decided to live 9 lives in this one.  She now realizes that ‘9 Lives’ would be a great good name for her bio. Recently, she was named as one of Fast Company’s Most Productive People (despite the chaos below):

Life 1: Engineering leader of the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft  where she works with over 10 millions tech fans and influencers all over the world to use make better products and achieve max economic opportunity

Life 2: Author and coach to help corporate types #DoTheThing. Her target audience are those who are very good at their jobs…but are seeking to build side-hustles and personal brands to keep life interesting and challenging

Life 3: Fiction author of four young adult novels including SCATTERED ASHES which was deemed “too controversial” by 7 publishing imprints before getting picked up by Penguin Random House

Life 4: Co-founder/blogger at Fibonacci Sequins, the world’s first style blog devoted to STEM creators and fans

Life 5: After attending New York Fashion Academy,  discovered fashion design is trapped in 1925. She is working on creating a fashion line called Prima Dona Style using the aforementioned holograms to reduce waste and unethical labor

Life 6: Advocating for global inclusivity in entrepreneurship and STEM through recruiting, coaching and speaking to some of the most interesting audiences on earth,

Life 7: And most important, bringing home entertaining tales to Doug, her really handsome husband as well as her amazing tribe of humans <3

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and Lives  8 & 9? The best is yet to come,  friends!

Engineer + Author + Fashion Designer + more!