About Dona

DWP_20130707_004 - Copyona wishes she’d been born as a cat so she could have had 9 nine lives. Failing that, she decided to live 9 lives in this one.  She now realizes that ‘9 Lives’ would be a great good name for her bio….

Life 1:  Making holograms at Microsoft

Life 2: Co-founder/fashion blogger at Fibonacci Sequins, the world’s first style blog devoted to STEM fans

Life 3: Launching her first fashion line called Prima Dona Style this fall

Life 4: A published author of both novels and a non-fiction, including SCATTERED ASHES which was deemed “too controversial” by publishing imprints

Life 5: Advocating for global diversity in STEM with
a variety of speaking gigs to some of the most interesting audiences on earth

Life 6: Being a mentor and coach to people wanting to succeed in tech + business and writing a book with the best advice she’s heard from *her* mentors called You Had Me at, “Hello World

Life 7: And most important, bringing home entertaining tales to Doug, her really handsome husband and her muse, a very bossy tabby cat named Ash (who insists on being featured very prominently in all of her bios!)

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and Lives 8 & 9? The best is yet to come,  friends!

Engineer + Author + Fashion Designer + more!