Spin Your Tale (non-fiction)

People are talking about you behind your back.

Your friends. Your co-workers. Your management. People you don’t even know. They’re all doing it.

What are they saying?

What? You don’t know?!

Whether you like it or not, your name has a brand attached to it. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Your brand is your professional reputation.  It’s what you’re known for. It’s what you’re an expert at. It’s why people call on you.

Here’s the kicker though: You can’t control your brand. It’s what other people think, say, and feel about you.

However, you CAN craft and control your story, the thing that leads to your brand.

You need to Spin Your Tale.

If you don’t spell out for people the story you want told about you when you’re not around, they will absolutely make it up for you. In your absence. Likely leading to a brand that you may not love.

People who spin their tale have made it big in this world. No matter what they do for a living, where they come from, or who they know. All that mattered was how they spun their tale. And today you will join the global community of people who have done exactly this.

Welcome to the tribe.

#DoTheThing (non-fiction)

Everyone’s got that thing.

Yes, even you. You know what I’m talking about. Your secret dream or idea. You haven’t yet started to make it a reality…but you can’t stop thinking about it.

Why haven’t you started yet? Any of these sound familiar? “I don’t have time… It’s not well thought out… I don’t know how to start… I have no one to talk to about it… People will think it’s stupid… It’s too “big” for me to take on right now… It’s too late for me….”

Sound like that voice in your head?

That voice is a villain. You as the hero of this story are going to defeat that villain. And you’re going to do so in a way that’s been tested with our #DoTheThing community, people who were exactly in your shoes just a few months ago.

In this hands-on workbook, you will lead yourself through a set of exercises inspired by classic fiction writing techniques. By the end of the book, you will have completed a write-in Hero’s Journey where you will explore your ordinary world, discover the call of adventure, confront the villain and get out of your comfort zone.

You will be left with an invitation to join our online (and sometimes in-person!) #DoTheThing community as well as a clear plan for how you’re going to start to make your secret dream happen in the next three months.

You’ve waited long enough. You owe this to yourself.

Remember, if magic were going to happen in your comfort zone, it probably would have happened by now.

Let’s go make that magic happen and #DoTheThing – together.


You Had Me at Hello World (non-fiction)

HelloWorldWould you like the chance to have a mentoring session with a VP, Director or other influential leader from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Rent The Runway, Zynga, Textio and many others amazing companies? Dona did! She scheduled time with these awesome people and asked them to share  their “career acumen” secrets, things they wished they had learned at school, but instead have had to learn the hard way. In this book, you will get these leaders’ career secrets in the form of practical, do-today things as well as “scripts” and email templates that they have all actually used.


Scattered Ashes (fiction)

ScatteredAshesThis is the book of Dona’s heart, something that came to her in a dream and she woke up and wrote 50 pages of at 3 am. It was rejected by many publishing imprints as being “too controversial”. This story of love and loss explorers the timely subject of cultural diversity and the timeless matters of trust, faith, and grief through the eyes of one young woman who falls in love with the young Middle Eastern instructor of her essay prep class and a door to a whole new world opens.


 Haute Date (fiction)

PROMDona really wanted to learn to use 3D printing for fashion design…so she based a novella around it. Meet Ash Montague. She needs to revamp her mother’s vintage evening gown into a new prom dress with the help of modern technology and an old friend. A sudden unexpected chemistry takes Ash by surprise and makes her wonder if it’s time to make some major alterations to her love life, too….

Shrink to Fit and How to Salsa in a Sari (fiction)triad

Dona started writing in 2002 purely by accident. Brand new to Seattle, Washington, she realized the only way to make new friends was by taking classes. She enrolled at Bellevue College for Pottery 101. Very excitedly, she arrived on the first day of class to see that…Pottery was cancelled. No one else had signed up. The kindly registrar encouraged her to try Creative Writing…great teacher, fun subject…and most importantly, *not cancelled*.

Dona fell in love with “making stuff up” and wrote not one, not two, not three, but FOUR manuscripts (overnight success only took four years!) before her novel HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI, a story of an African-Indian-Cuban culture clash was published in 2008 from HarperCollins/Harlequin’s Kimani Tru Line. SHRINK TO FIT, a story of a high school athlete who struggles with an eating disorder, quickly followed.  To Dona’s surprise, HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI spent several weeks on the best-seller lists and she still gets requests to speak on eating disorders at high schools.


Dona recently signed a 3 book deal in Adult Contemporary fiction. Scattered Ashes is the first, followed by two more that she is supposed to be writing right now but is likely procrastinating.

She is represented by the infinitely patient Elaine Spencer at The Knight Agency.

Engineer + Author + Fashion Designer + more!