Social & Speaking Events


Dona loves meeting  people who are passionate about tech, fashion, leadership and creativity and is excited to get to know YOU.

By far the best way to get a hold of her is to tweet at her. 

If that’s not your thing, she also loves Instagram, though it’s mostly selfies, cats and coffee. This will flip to more fashion as she nears the Prima Dona launch this fall.

If you prefer Facebook, her public page is the place to go.

And of course LinkedIn is a good stand-by 🙂


If you’d prefer in person some upcoming events are:


#HoloHacks San Francisco

#HoloHacks Los Angeles

Worldwide Partner Conference

IGNITE New Zealand

…and many more coming

Some places she’s been in the past are:

#HoloHacks Seattle

Women of Democracy Seattle

#Breaking the Code NY


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Brit + Co: Tech + Fashion

I Want Her Job: Advisory Board Member

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Engineer + Author + Fashion Designer + more!