It’s no secret that Dona might be a *little* obsessed with technology especially as it relates to integrating into other industries. She lives her passion for making tech invisible to customers so they can focus on doing their thing every single day. Her absolutely favorite thing to do is have conversations with customers about their goals and how tech can help.

Currently, she leads engineering for the Windows Insider Program–an industry leading fan and influencer program of over 10 million people in EVERY country in the world (yes, even Antarctica!). She loves meeting Insiders face-to-face at global events to understand how tech can evolve to help them achieve max opportunities.

Previously, she led developer engagement for Microsoft HoloLens where she works with a multidisciplinary team of software engineers, product managers and designers to create and ship the world’s first Holographic platform’s SDK, code samples, dev tools, documentation and videos.   She loved learning alongside the community on what makes a great mixed reality app.

“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon!” Wait, don’t actually do that. //way too much fun with the Microsoft HoloLens photobooth

She fell in love with the friendly VR/AR/MR community and is ran a series of #HoloHacks for HoloLens on weekends in partnership with these groups.  You can read about one attendees’s write up here. Lights! All-nighters! Holograms!

Kicking off Seattle #HoloHacks: 45 hours of friend-makery and creation.

Before that, she led the engineering team for the Windows Driver Portal, the central hardware and driver signing service for the Windows brand: the “one stop shop” for hardware companies to manufacture & certify devices running Windows as well as owning the global launch strategy that entices first-time Windows hardware developers to opt into the ecosystem

Driver folks definitely know how to drive a great Mardi Gras party!

She’s also engineering teams on various parts of the Windows platform such as the Backup/Restore and Roaming Settings features

Debugging roaming and restore issues is more fun with friends! Right guys? Guys?


This group is definitely not up to troublemakery. Not even a little bit.
This group is definitely not up to troublemakery. Not even a little bit.

as well as a giant pile o’ Windows components such as Start Menu Search, Explorer Search and Open/Save

Looking at customer feedback from a Windows beta

She started her Microsoft career owning device heavy features such as Autoplay, Bluetooth and the first Blu-Ray integration into Windows.

Vista ship party circa November 2006

She spends a bunch of time playing with tech outside of work. Most recently, she’s working on a wearables project because she’s tired of wearables that are contraptions rather than fashion.


She’s also very excited about her new 360 degree camera which will uplevel her pictures a *tiny* bit beyond the glam ones above.



Engineer + Author + Fashion Designer + more!